Hottest Chocolate in the Tron

Throughout the holidays Blake and Finlay have been on an important mission to find the Hottest hot chocolate in the Tron.

We went to Scotts Epicurean, Mavis & Co, Café Inc, Babaganush, Pop-up Cinnamon, and our Dad’s home made hot chocolates.

Our least favourite hot chocolate was at Café Inc.  It was very cocoa-y and milky and not tasty. Plus the marshmallows were a little hard. No froth at all. 3/10

Next was from the pop up Cinnamon on Maui Street. It was extremely milky and not very chocolate-y.  Very good marshmallows. Soft and smooth. 5/10

Next was Babaganush. The hot chocolate was pretty good. Nothing wrong about it but nothing exciting either. 6/10

Then comes Scott’s Epicurean. Fin loves these ones while Blake rates them above average so they get a 8/10.  Usually they come with brownie which is awesome plus nice and chocolatey with good froth and texture. 8/10

Then comes our Dads hot chocolates – tied in second place on 8.5/10 They are very nice, milky, chocolaty, milky and frothy at the same time. A good balance. 8.5/10

And the winner is jaw-dropping Hot Chocolate from Mavis & Co. It comes with a big chocolate bar, it was everything you can dream of with the exact amount of chocolate, milk and froth and great texture. This one is clearly the winner. 10/10

Of course we are only ten year olds so we have many years of trying Hot Chocolates ahead of us and will need to try as many as humanly possible.


Finlay and Blake enjoying the Scott's Epicurean Hot chocolate

Finlay and Blake enjoying the Scott’s Epicurean Hot chocolate


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