Hamilton Gardens

The best excuse to show off the Tron is people coming to visit us. This time it was David and Misty who live in Wellington.

David had been to the gardens with us before but hadn’t seen the new ones.

Fin was photographer and took some cool close ups of flowers as well as of the gardens.


IMG_3200 IMG_3205 IMG_3209 IMG_3211 IMG_3212

Zoe’s favourite garden is the Indian Char Bagh garden and there was a Hare Krishna group playing music.



Finlay’s favourite garden is the Italian Renaissance garden for Romulus and Rhemus with the wolf and the Chinese Scholar Garden for the bamboo forest.

IMG_2153 IMG_2161 IMG_3635

Trouble Tron on Tour: Pukeahu War Memorial

We had heard from lots of adults that the new War Memorial at Pukeahu Park was worth a visit. But you can never really tell if an adult’s recommendation is as good as a kid’s.

The War Memorial isn’t just good, it is awesome and really sad. Zoe took a hundred photos of the World war one exhibition and here are some of them.

IMG_0216 IMG_0230 IMG_0238 IMG_0245 IMG_0251 IMG_0257image

One of the best parts of the exhibition and the New Zealand room were the old photos that had been coloured.  They seemed more real and the tour guide said that more museums are colourising photos as people are less likely to walk past them thinking they can’t relate to them.

IMG_0261 IMG_0258

The War memorial is worth a visit whether you are young like us or old like our Mum!  Definitely do the guided tour as we found out a lot more and the tour guide Stephen was really interesting.

We posed on the memorial stones from the Australians too.

IMG_3094 IMG_3121